Shopee App Redesign : A UX Case Study 


My role

User Research
3 Days

My Design Process


1. Usability Test 

Due to the geographical limitation, I had trouble finding users who had experience with Shopee.


So, I interviewed four people who already had shopping behaviors before. However, all my interviewees used more than three shopping applications in their daily lives. And they were more likely to choose online shopping instead of shopping in-store. Based on these similarities among these interviewees, I assumed that they could nail user interviews and bring up useful information. 

I want to share some phenomena below and then identify Shopee’s most critical problem:

Task: All interviews were asked to purchase at least one thing to their best friend as Birthday gifts. 

  • All interviewees mentioned, "both the home page and the mall page are messy." 

  • 3/4 interviewees believed there were "too many colors on the same page".

  • 4/4 interviewees "didn’t know where to look at first glance"

  • All interviewees couldn’t find the categories section on the home page. They had to scroll down at least twice to figure out where is the categories section. 

  • None interviewees knew what was Mall even after they checked the information on Mall Page. All of them asked, "what the mall is". 

  • All interviewees believed "the categories section in the mall page was confusing". For example, why giving both Men’s Wear and Men’s shoes while they can be put in the Men’s Fashion section.

  • All interviewees noticed that "users could narrow down products from the Home page, and they couldn’t do it from the Mall page". For example, from the Home page, customers can choose Women’s Apparels - Top - sort by price. But the mall page didn’t have this function. You can only select Women’s Apparel. 

  • 2/4 interviewees noticed the keyboard will cover a part of the Trending products when they want to type something in the search bar. "

  • 2/4 interviewees noticed "the size and position of the shopping cart and chat logos were not the same on each page"

  • All interviewees  "don’t know what feed is."

  • 4/4 of them "couldn’t find the “Select all” function in the shopping cart." 



  Key Findings from users: 

1. The home page and mall page are messy. 

2. Don't know what is feed and Mall. 

3. Having trouble finding the categories section on the Home Page. 

4. The categories section in the mall page was confusing. 

5. Users couldn't narrow down the products from the Mall Page. 

6. They couldn't find the "Select all" function on the shopping cart page. 

7. The size and the position of the shopping cart and chat logos are different on every page. 

8. They care about how many products are sold by the store and the rating of this store before they make a purchase.  

2. Online Reviews

While new users were having problems, the review section on the App Store also showed similar concerns. Shopee's previous users questioned about the products' authenticity and the cluttered page design. 


I choose to redesign the Mall page in this case. 
I believe the mall page's problems are critical in the Shopee app due to several reasons.
First of all, all of my interviewees mentioned that they had no idea what is the difference between the Mall and the Home page at first glance. 

Secondly, some of them found out that Mall had guarantees among products' qualities and authenticity after they spent more than five minutes exploring. When they realized the benefits of the mall, they only willing to shop through the mall instead of the Home page. So the mall page might have more customers than the Home page. 

Additionally, they noticed that it was convenient that the mall page already put the categories above the banner, but they indicated that the categories were illogical. 


Name: Lillian 

Age: 24

Occupation: Young employee

Pain points: 

  1. Lillian doesn't want to spend more time on figuring out the meaning of each page.

  2. She feels dizzy while seeing too many colors on the same page.

  3. She really cares about the price and the rating of a store before she makes a purchase. 


  1. She tends to shop with a guarantee.  

  2. She wants to narrow down the scope of searching.

  3. She wants to buy sale products.  

  4. She likes the well-organized categories to shop with.  

Ideation & Prototype


I redesigned both main pages and mall pages. However, due to the time limitation, I only developed the Mall page into prototypes. 




I added one notification box for users to know the benefits of Shopee Mall. I also highlighted the keywords like "15 days return", so users don't have to spend much time on questioning what is the Mall page. 



I reorganized the categories for the Mall page. For example, I put Women's Apparel, Women's Bag, and Women's shoes into Women's Fashion.  I also enlarged the image for each category and changed them into logos instead of pictures.



Instead of not having any small categories before, I added more categories like bags, shoes, tops in this section. I noticed that the Home page allows customers to select from categories like tops, bottoms, or others, but Shopee Mall didn't. Also, I hoped customers could choose more than one category to review. 



I separated the Trending products and history into two pages. I assumed that Trending products should be more attractive for users to purchase. So, instead of adding a fire logo, I listed what customers cared about:  Store rating, how many products are sold, and discount. 

What's more (if I have time)

1. Correcting the cart and chat logos' position. 

2 out of 4 interviewees noticed this problem. So I tried to measure two screens in the sketch.

And they were right about it. 

2. The shopping cart

All of my interviewees couldn't find the "Select all" at first glance. So I want to put " Select all" on the top. 

Also, the Pamper Offical Store and its products shouldn't belong to the same class. So I might want to do some changes here. 

3. Downloading the app

This is not a UX problem, but I still want to bring it up here. At first, I want my interviewees to download the app from the App Store and register for a new account, and then explore the App. However, the Shopee app isn't showing in the App store (U.S Version). So I have to re-register a Singapore Apple ID and let my interviewees use my account. 

On the other hand, Shopee's competitors like Lazada and Sendo are showing in the US App store when I try to search for Shopee.